Katherine Roberts is the Founder and President of Katherine Roberts Yoga for Golfers and The Roberts Flex-Fit Method. Her unique approach to golf conditioning is a hybrid of Western biomechanical research and Eastern mind/body conditioning for performance, and her work has been profiled in USA TODAY, Golf Magazine, Golf for Women, Golf Week and US Airways Magazine. In August 2009, Katherine released her 2nd book Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, written with Hank Haney. The book, which includes an endorsement from Joe Torre on its cover, shows how techniques focused on flexibility, strength, and stamina can improve your golf swing.

As a fitness expert and a regular contributor for The Golf Channel, she currently appears on the television show The Turn and has previously appeared on The Big Break, Your Game Night, How Low Can you Go and Game ON! Katherine’s new golf fitness series, Swing Fault Solutions, will air on The Golf Channel in the summer of 2008 in both the international and domestic markets. Katherine has been highly successful in parlaying her vast knowledge and experience into products for her fan base. Specifically, she has produced and created 9 DVDs and wrote the ground-breaking book Yoga for Golfers (McGraw-Hill). Katherine is dedicated to helping people achieve maximum performance and balance both on and off the course.

Katherine is the flexibility expert for the San Diego Padres and has just completed her fourth year with the team. During this past year, she started working with the Los Angeles Dodgers helping out Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez and many others on the team. Additionally, she currently serves at the yoga expert for Diet.com, the leading online provider for dieting and nutritional solutions. Katherine is in her fifth year as a weekly contributor to TheGolfChannel.com and is an advisory staff member and contributing writer for Golf Magazine and Golf Fitness Magazine.

In 2008, Katherine used her personal journey to develop The Roberts Flex-Fit Method (RFFM), a unique, hybrid wellness program. Her methodology targets specific sports such as golf, walking/running, tennis and swimming and teaches individuals how to age consciously and purposefully. The RFFM is a new evolution of vitality and wellness that combines flexibility, fitness, performance and life balance. For more information on the RFFM and any of Katherine’s products, please visit her website at www.krflexfit.com.

Katherine currently partners with highly reputable companies including, Nike Golf, Golf Galaxy, The Golf Channel and the Reynolds Plantation. She travels all over the world speaking, instructing and appearing at corporate outings, events, exhibitions, retreats and conventions. Katherine is well-known for motivating and teaching her audiences in a variety of areas including golf fitness, yoga and the maximization of performance, vitality and balance in everyday life.

If you would like to partner with Katherine, please contact Chitta Mallik at 202.638.3663.